Welcome to our new website! Our new website has a great new look and feel to it, and we have made it more interactive and user-friendly so you are able to find almost all the information you need here in one place.

We have been working on the website for a few months - almost a year - and have kept it a secret because it is a big change, and the launch date changed a few times because we wanted to get it as perfect as possible for you (though we are sure there are still changes that need to be made, so you are welcome to leave any feedback so we can improve).

Our main aim was to keep the clicks (or taps) as minimal as possible for our users, so you will notice that the home page now has more useful information. We were also aware that we need more content on the website so you may know more about us and what we are doing, so expect our blog to be updated a lot more frequently.

It's a great idea for you to navigate through the website on your own so you can experience what is new but for your information, here are just a few main things we have changed:

- The new website now uses the screen space on your device at a maximum, so now you can see everything fully, which makes your browsing experience better.

- All of our main social media feeds - Instagram, YouTube and Twitter - are now on the home page, so you can now see our latest posts and what we are up to.


The Shop

As you will be the main users of our website, we wanted to give customers a very easy and quick way to purchase products and gather as much information as simply as possible. For example, we got rid of the Maintenance page as one rule does not apply to all, so we decided it is best to have a Maintenance tab on every product page so now when you have purchased your hair extensions, you simply go back to the product page to see how to care for them.

We have added a ‘quick view’ option for you so you do not have to leave the current page to view or purchase items anymore. We have also added a ‘sorting’ feature that  means you can sort products by hair type, price and even by collections.

You can now see photos of customers wearing our hair extensions via the 'Results' tab on every product page - you can also post your own photos using specific hashtags. We also have the 'Video' tab so you can see our hair extensions in action.

Collections - all of our hair extensions have now been categorised via 'collection' so you can better understand what it is you are looking for. We also have short descriptions of what each collection means so you know what you are looking for.

Offers page - this is a new tab that will feature our 'Fave of the Month' (yes, it is back!), and we will now have 'other offers' there also so that there will be something for everyone.


Our Blog
We decided to create a better blog that will help us interact more with you all. You can now post comments and easily see what is going on by scrolling down on our home page.

We will now have helpful articles that will provide you with tips on hair, hair extensions, and we will even have a few beauty and lifestyle posts.


Press Page

You can see all our press coverage now so go ahead and check that out.


We wouldn't want to bore you with details so please navigate through the website and spend some time taking in the new features. We'd love to hear from you whether you have good or bad feedback, so please be sure to leave any feedback you may have so we can continue to improve your experience.

Thank you,

The UKHairWeaves Team