Wigs are nothing new and can be dated back as far as ancient Egypt, but what we can say, is that they’re a hot accessory that enables you to change your look in a snap. In fact, it is now the norm for women including celebrities such as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Hint: your work colleague may even be wearing one. We recommend doing your research so you can use only the best hair extensions for your wig so it can last for years. Just like all hair extension techniques, there are advantages and disadvantages of wearing a wig, but to make things easier here are a few things you may want to consider before purchasing your first wig. Even if you already have a few wigs under your belt you may learn a thing or two from this, so read on.



Be Who You Want To Be!

Wigs provide a lot of options in terms of the style you want to go for, because you can achieve any look you desire in an instance without manipulating your own hair. Opt for Naomi Campbell’s long, sleek hair today; or go for Meagan Good’s signature short haircut tomorrow. You can also have a wig for everyday purposes such as one forwork and one for special occasions – the possibilities are endless!


Your Hair Deserves Some TLC

Wearing a wig enables you to give your natural hair underneath the wig the TLC it deserves.With a wig, you are able to let your scalp breathe and boost circulation with daily massages because you can it take off at the end of the day. You can also wash, treat and mositurise your own hair, which promotes hair growth.


It’s Real… Maybe

Unlike before, the wig game has gone from zero to a hundred real quick. Now that there are very natural looking lace units, such as closures and frontals, wig are pretty much undetectable. You’d of course have to ensure you choose the right style, density and hair texture. If you get those important factors right, nobody will ever know it’s not your hair… unless you tell them, of course.


Cover Up

If you are suffering from hair loss disorders such as alopecia, or even from the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, a wig is probably the best option if you are self-conscious or uncomfortable with wearing your own hair. Your wig can be custom-made to minimise any tension, and it will allow you to get the look you want without worrying about using other methods of hair extension techniques that require the extensions to be attached to your own hair.



Wigs are amazing if you are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. It isn’t easy dealing with two different textures, but doing the big chop can too extreme for some of us. The best way to combat this is to canerow your hair and use a wig so that your hair is easily accessible on wash days and for moisturising as needed. It also aids as a protective style because your hair is tucked away, which keeps the moisture locked in.





If your wig is not well constructed you run the risk of your wig slipping off. To avoid such embarrassment, we suggest having your wig professionally made and ensuring you receive a consultation with your stylist so they know the best way to keep your wig secure without damaging your own hair.


If It Looks Like a Wig…

If your wig is not tailored for you then it is likely that it will look unnatural.We suggest having an experienced professional construct your wig so they can advise on what will suit your head shape, the best density, size, and a lot more detail that will have your wig looking natural.


Hair Loss

You may experience hair loss – particularly at the hairline – from wearing wigs due to i.e. the wig being too tight, which creates friction resulting in pulling on the hair; hair loss may also occur if your stylist has not used the right wig cap, or from using wig combs as those do pull on the delicate hairs. Every stylist has their own technique so a consultation with your stylist is highly recommended so you know how to minimise your chances of hair loss.



Though wigs are a great investment and money saver (think about how many times you may have a weave installed in a year versus having onewig for years), it may become an expensive obsession if you are the type that likes to change your look frequently. Perhaps think about re-styling your wig rather than purchasing a new one every time – add some colour and have it cut into a different shape, which will make a world of difference. It will look like new!


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What are your thoughts on wearing wigs? Hate them? Love them? Leave a comment below to let us know!